Coachella Inspired Tween Photo Session at Boston Mills Historic District in Peninsula, Ohio | Sydney

A Coachella Inspired Tween Session at Boston Mills Historic District in Peninsula, Ohio


At Mystic Image it is our passion to document the various stages in an individual’s life. We feel that each moment is complex and ever-changing, and there is no way of getting any of them back. Unfortunately, the least celebrated stage of life, and least documented session type, is the Tween session. A tween is a youngster between 10 and 12 years of age. They are considered too old to be a child and too young to be a teenager. 

Why a Tween Photo Session?

Think back to your own tween years.  Remember how confusing those times were. You may have been unsure of yourself and a little scared to let others see you for who you really were.  We all remember how challenging this time in our lives was. A tween session is a great way to let your child express themselves and give them that extra confidence builder that they desire.  It is truly an eye-opening experience for both kids and parents to see their vision come to life. Tweens do not directly fit into any one category, but this is exactly why it is so important to commemorate them for who they are. Right now.

Sydney’s tween photo session was absolutely amazing!

The Coachella inspired fashion selected was a great fit for Sydney’s photo session. This style gave her the flexibility to create several dynamic looks on her own and the Boston Mills Historic District was the perfect backdrop for this theme. The colors, the flair, and the attitude all fit seamlessly together. We had been photographing Sydney for years now, but this session was really her. Sydney was a true rockstar in front of the camera and her session couldn’t have gone any better.

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  • Loren

    These pictures are amazing. Sydney you are a natural!

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