First I would like to say that this blog post is totally unlike any other that I’ve written in the past.  The reason is because the Perhacs family has had the great fortune of knowing and being close friends with Andrea and her family for decades.  It’s really challenging to “sum up” a small moment with someone whom you’ve know for such a long time without getting too personal and wanting to just GUSH about how wonderful they are!!! Heck, besides our families being friends, we shot two of her older siblings’ weddings; one of her brothers is our dentist… we clearly cannot get enough of this family!  It goes without saying that when Andrea and her mom called us to tell announce her recent engagement to her fiancé Brad, we were beyond ecstatic.

I’ve always known Andrea as a very upbeat, open and caring person who is so unbelievably easy to chat with so I just knew that she had to be marrying an amazing man to compliment her vivacious spirit.  I was right.  Brad is awesome!  His kind and super witty personality flatters Andrea’s so perfectly.  They are adorable together and it is SO obvious how happy they make one another.  And the fact that we shot their engagement session in the home that they will be sharing together once they are married was the best.  We probably spent WAY too much time attempting to nail the popcorn photos (which as you can see never ended up working out -lol), but it was such a blast trying and trying and trying.  I love how deeply personal all of these little details made their photos.  So fun… so relaxed… so genuine… so THEM!

Andrea and Brad, we cannot wait to celebrate with you later this year.  The two of you make such an adorable couple and we truly feel that it is our privilege to be able to immortalize your special day.  We love you lots and hope that you enjoy our favorites from your engagement session as much as we do!  Xoxoxo

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