We’ve been doing a lot of photography this month for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History at University Circle.  While I was driving to the location this Sunday, I was almost speechless when I saw all the fresh snow dangling from the branches of the trees.  Boy was I in the mood to do a winter photo shoot but unfortunately I didn’t have anyone to shoot. 🙁  Yet…

SO, I get a call on Monday morning and it’s Brooke.  She is originally from Ohio but now lives in Los Angeles.  She’s back in town on business and visiting Catans.  She and her fiance are going home to L.A in the afternoon but have a few hours to kill before their plane leaves back to L.A.  What does Brooke suggest we all do for a few hours?  Let’s go play in the snow and take some photos…  Hey man – sounds like a plan to me!

What started off as just a casual stroll sipping Starbucks in the woods while wearing stiletto heeled boots, later evolved in to a snowball fight and finally, some surprise SNOW ANGELS.

Lana couldn’t resist helping out on this one and it turned out to be a knee-slapping good time!  They are a fabulously fun and extremely talented couple.

And yes, Brooke has some impressive hardware (we’re talking about her jewelry silly).  Her fiance Zaven designed her gorgeous rings.  You may have heard of their family business:  http://www.simongjewelry.com/  Look for their line at exclusive jewelers nationwide.

We wish you guys the best at your upcoming wedding.

Brooke & Zaven – Engagement Photography – Snow Shoot