“I wouldn’t be who I am today, if not for those I’ve loved along the way.” – Eric Church

We had decided to shoot their engagement session at Brecksville Reservation based upon a suggestion given to us by Colleen’s mom.  What a wonderful idea and the perfect location!  What a beautiful day out for taking photos… so warm and sunny.  We were even able to sneak in a couple of photos on the railroad tracks before we were politely told that “you know the train is coming right?”

Colleen and Corey are a super sweet and humble couple who enjoy the simple things in life:  Eric Church, Mexican food and just spending quality time with one another.   Colleen’s super-organized and precise personality offsets Corey’s completely laid back demeanor.  You can really tell that they are at their best when they are with each other.

You guys, I had so much fun with you and we can’t wait for your beautiful wedding next fall. Until then, we hope you love these memories as much as I loved freezing them in time for you.

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