A Highly-Stylized Engagement Session at Mystic Image Production’s Indoor Studio in Broadview Heights

There are only two words that can truly describe our feelings for Nora and Joe… Ah+Mazing!

Nora is a planner by nature which is why she has been wildly successful at her job as the event coordinator at Tenk West Bank. Like us, she has probably seen and done it all when it comes to wedding trends. It was so refreshing to hear about all of her and Joe’s not-so-typical wedding plans. Sharing their Pintrest board with me seemed like it would be a great way for me to fully immerse myself in their vision. WOW! Nora did not disappoint!

Even though their board was extremely well organized, I still felt that this was definitely one of those times when great communication and prepping was going to be crucial. Although it was not surprising that Nora and Joe wanted nothing to do with anything traditional, it was still extremely important to me to figure out PRECISELY what vibe Nora and Joe desired for their wedding and engagement imagery. After a few additional phone and email planning communications, we were able to pinpoint the style that they wanted for their engagement session; a high-fashion look, straight out of a magazine ad. We were thrilled to be doing something totally different and beyond excited to be working with a couple who was willing to break the mold.

Our session couldn’t have gone any better. Nora and Joe are both so incredibly laid-back and fun to be around. They understood that creating this upscale look was going to take time and sometimes literal flexibility. They totally ROCKED IT!!! My personal highlight of the session was laughing at Joe since he wasn’t allowed to look at the camera in the majority of Nora’s selected poses. Even though we were all laughing at his expense, he never once took it personally. Nora, you’ve got yourself a really a great guy!

Nora and Joe, it really means so much to us when a couple trusts in our abilities and just “goes with it” the way you two do. We had the best time working with you and cannot wait to capture, what we know will be, your fabulous wedding day! We genuinely hope that you love these these super dramatic, out-of-the-box images as much as we loved hanging out and creating them with you.