Baby Boy Newborn Photos in Cleveland | Baby Jake

What an amazing way to start our 2020 Newborn Sessions! Jake was quite possibly one of the most chill babies we’ve ever had in our studio.  Not only was he an absolute treat to photograph, I finally got to use one of my favorite props… the newsboy cap!!!  Luckily for mom, Jake started to get hungry or I would have literally kept taking newborn photos of him all afternoon.  I mean come on.  How can you not totally swoon when you look at these adorable images of this perfect little guy? 

In addition to the newsboy cap, I also loved that Mom made sure to bring Jake’s Saint Ignatius beanie with her to our session.  It was so heartwarming to see Dad’s expression during their image reveal.  You could tell that he was completely overjoyed that we had captured newborn photos of Jake wearing the logo of the high school he teaches at.  These are the moments that truly make me love what I do.

I would like to thank Jake for being a total rock star during our session and also congratulate Jake’s parents on having such a stellar little man.  You are all so amazing and I hope you enjoy your images!

Xoxoxo, Lana

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Backdrop: Kate Backdrops