Diana and Ervin’s day definitely did NOT start out like your everyday typical wedding day.  Soon after we arrived at Diana’s parents’ home, the skies darkened, the wind picked-up, and it appeared as if we were going to soon be in the middle of a tornado.  As the wind whipped through the trees, and the rain came down in sheets, the bride and her party continued to get ready as though nothing was amiss.  Since Diana had her heart set on taking photos in front of the Cleveland Art Museum, we all stayed hopeful and prayed for the sun to make an appearance.

Her prayers were answered!  After the 40 minute drive to the Cleveland Museum of Art, the clouds parted like Moses parting the Red Sea, and the sun began to shine.  Throughout the entire day, it rained only while we were inside or driving – crazy!  What magical timing for an amazing couple.

Congratulations again Diana and Ervin!  May the blessings you received on your wedding day continue throughout your lives.

Diana & Ervin – Wedding Photography – Cleveland, Ohio Evangelical Christan Wedding Ceremony at Norton Apostolic Christian Church in Norton with Wedding Reception at the Cleveland Marriott Key Center