Evelyn and Mark are two of the most wonderful people we’ve ever had the privileged to know.  Their love and devotion to their children, to their families and to one another is remarkable.  We were excited when they told us that their wedding would be held at Landoll’s Mohican Castle @landollscastle with its majestic charm and recent updates (thanks to Gordon Ramsay @GordonRamsay and his show Hotel Hell @HotelHellonFox), we knew that it would be the perfect setting for their summertime wedding.

Now, if you’ve read any of my other blogs posts, you’ll notice how it always seems like we just escape getting caught in the rain… well not this time.

About a hour prior to when Evelyn and Mark’s beautiful, Hawaiian themed, outdoor ceremony was planned to begin, the skies opened up and it began to pour.  Bride, groom, wedding party and guests all waited patiently for the rain to pass and the moment it finally did, everyone sprung into action.   Things were going perfectly, without a single hitch, until another unexpected storm front quickly rolled in right before the couple was to say their vows.  As everyone began scurrying for cover, Evelyn and Mark just laughed and continued on with their ceremony – in the rain!

Possessing the strength to laugh and keep going, even when things weren’t going as planned, is what makes this couple really special to me.  Not even a torrential downpour at the worst possible time could shake them or their desire to become husband and wife.  Individually they are strong, but together they are steadfast.

Congratulations Evelyn and Mark!  We wish you and your new family nothing but the best!

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