From the first time I got off of the phone with Libby, I knew that we would get along, but what I didn’t know was that we would be like two peas in a pod!  And how could I not totally get along with Spence?  If my sista from another mista loved him… then of course I would too!!! Lol

Over the past 15 months we really learned a lot about Libby and Spence.  They shared everything with us, the good and the bad, which made it so easy for us to understand who they are.  Family means absolutely everything them, especially the new family that they created with Spence’s daughter Brianna.

They truly rely on each other’s strength to get through the tough times, which was evident during their First Glance.  You could tell that all of their worries from the morning completely faded away the moment they saw each other.

The rustic scenery at Vermilion on the Lake made the perfect setting for their ceremony and reception.  Although it was extremely humid outside and the bugs were swarming like crazy, Libby and Spence stayed totally dedicated and open to taking photos with us.  And wow was it worth it!  Amazing shots for an amazing couple!

Congratulations again Libby, Spence and Brianna on your new lives together!

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