Lindsey and De‘Andre’s beautiful wedding at the Tudor Arms Hotel was truly an event to remember.   I know that I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts, but we absolutely LOVE shooting at the historic Tudor Arms Cleveland Hotel.  What a gorgeous setting…and the natural light that flows throughout the entire building…to die for!!!  The majestic neutral tones that Lindsey and De’Andre selected for their décor complimented the old world grandeur of this beautiful building perfectly.   But this isn’t why their wedding stands out to me.

Both Lindsey and D’Andre are super kind, silly and mellow individuals who are easily able to calm one another’s nerves with just a single touch.  This could not have been more evident when their big day started off with a few hair and wardrobe glitches that set our timeline back quite a bit.  We all enjoyed the seemingly casual morning at first, but as the clock continued to wind down and our wedding photo session time was dwindling, it was becoming more and more challenging to keep this normally laid-back couple calm.   With all of the years of shooting weddings under my belt I don’t typically get frazzled anymore, but I have to admit even I was getting nervous!

Finally… it was time for their first glance.  I honestly don’t know who was more relieved, Lindsey, De’Andre or myself, but the moment when Lindsey put her hand softly on De‘Andre’s shoulder and he turned to see his gorgeous bride for the first time you could see the stress of the morning melt away.  It was magical.  They were together and nothing could take that away from them.  Luckily for us, thanks to some quick decision making and great driving skills by Dave from Lake Erie Limo, we were able to make it to the Cleveland Museum of Art for wedding portraits and back again with a few moments to spare before the ceremony.  This positive momentum continued as their day wrapped up with a killer party surrounded by a very close knit group of friends and family that love them dearly.

Lindsey and De’Andre, I cannot tell you how much we loved watching the two of you interact with one another.  The bond that you two share is so genuine and true and that is why your wedding will be one to remember.  We cannot thank you enough for trusting us with documenting your special day and we hope that you love our favorite picks as much as you do!  Congratulations again!!!


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The Wedding Day Team:

Cinema:  Mystic Image Productions

Brides Attire:  Justin Alexander from The Perfect Bride

Bridesmaids Attire:  Davids Bridal

Hair and Makeup Artist:  Bellum Artistry

Grooms Attire:  Men’s Wearhouse

Transportation:  Lake Erie Limo

Florist:  Segelin’s Florist

Officiate:  Lydia Strauss

Cake Artist:  Corbo’s Bakery

Entertainment:  Rock The House