I (Paul) knew I was in for a long day when I showed up to the groom’s parent’s house 15 minutes early to find at least 50 people dancing in the driveway in the blaring sun, drinking liquor directly from the bottle.  The Macedonian traditions were in full swing!

Stephanie, the Bride, called an audible and decided to leave her home to go join the groom’s party – except, she didn’t tell the other photographers who were en route to her house.  Luckily, the groom’s house was already being covered.

Thus began what the Groom referred to as, “My Big Fat Macedonian” wedding.  It was a wonderful day full of Macedonian wedding traditions.  The Ceremony was at St. Clement of Ohrid Cathedral in Avon, and the reception at Tom’s Country Place in Avon Lake.  The band from Canada rocked the reception all night long, and our crew experienced events never before seen – such as the “Shaving of the Groom” (never saw someone shaved with a Butcher’s knife before), and the “Pig Dance”.  Wow – cool stuff!

We took WAY too many photos, and spent an extra-long time editing all of them up, but the Stephanie & Kliment were thrilled when they picked-up their images.   Seeing the smiles on their faces is what keeps us motivated!

Stephanie & Kliment – Wedding Photography – Avon, Ohio Macedonia Orthodox Wedding Ceremony at St. Clement of Ohrid Cathedral with Reception at Tom’s Country Place